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Rukmini Secondary School — Who is who Nepal? को के हुन्?

Rukmini Secondary School (2023 BS) as a public academic institute which is located at Rukumkot, Rukum, Nepal. It offer (10+2) programs under Education and Science streams affiliated to NEB (National Examinations Board) with the moderate fees structure. It also provides various facilities including scholarship schemes for deserving and the underprivileged students as per the decision […]

via Rukmini Secondary School — Who is who Nepal? को के हुन्?

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Original home of mine.


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Prepare to learning


learning version#2

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Do and reviews. — watanarat

Do and review…

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NSTB strategy

Nstbas strategy administration
Strategy is the procedure to agent the work in rapid and success by directly and fulfillments in objectives. When work in routines or problem solving, development works. Strategy is the most important to agent and helps the administrator to find goal the product in shortly times. NSTBas suitable for the organization to arrangement and service in public. But if the organizer want to use in the organization he able to adjust this procedure for him Necessity to do all part of organizes and consist of health hospitality emotional socially and intelligent.
NSTBAS; the strategy to find goal in rapidly is…
1. Networks the strength network in group all. 2. Sufficiency in life and work is balancing. 3. Take cared must put on heart for everything to done. 4. Best practice must have the best practice couple with Benchmarking and merit, ethics concretely too. This is NSTBAS.


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Tajaisaifhamue(Put heart on palm)

 This activities use for transfer the knowledge between groups to person or person to person when we have the knowledge to give some one, we will talk about the process of the transferring knowledge with compound of input process and product (or objectives we want to happen in someone) Tajaisaifhamue(Put heart on palm) is the process to media which wish and would like to transfer the knowledge and take care understanding helping

And problem solving to co-coordinated in activities and connected to acting learning when the activities were end.

 The most important would like to put in this process is the Merit ethics, it is necessary this mean smile and kindness, has the necessity to growth and cause concrete object in all the learners.

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